Redline Interactive has been building website for more than 15 years. We’ve seen Web 2.0, Web 3.0, the growth of Facebook and more. Through all of these changes we’ve learned a lout about what works and what doesn’t.


Although it can be sometimes confused with web design, web development is an entirely different ballgame. While web design focuses on how a website will look, our web development experts are focused on making sure your website works for your customers and runs smoothly and effectively. It doesn’t matter if your site is beautiful, if it isn’t user friendly and doesn’t offer a great experience for potential customers. As a web development company, we understand that it is not just about how your website looks, but also how it runs.


Web Development Services


We are a web development company that focuses on delivering a clear and concise message that will create a lasting connection with your audience. To get the full picture of your digital marketing performance, we evaluate your presence on multiple dimensions in order to fulfill your goals. Our web development services include comprehensive research and analysis to determine your target audience and appropriate channels of communication.


Our developers work on a variety of projects including custom website design and landing pages, to HTML emails and CMS integration. We are Google Analytics certified and understand online best practices when it comes to coding. Working with our web development experts means you will receive cutting edge technology for your brand to achieve your organizations marketing objectives.


Whether you require a site for your small business or need an enterprise e-commerce machine, our team has a solution for you.


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Web Design Services


Our web designers come from digitally focused backgrounds, always working on projects with user experience top of mind. With a strong understanding of website architecture and best practices, our designers create stunning websites that are easy to use for both your customers and your marketing team.


Our designers can also create a range of website types. From long scroll to deep e-commerce platforms, we can create a solution for what you need.

HTML Email Development


Looking for a custom email or newsletter design? Our website designers understand email best practices and will design templates to increase click through rates and user interaction.

Our developers will code content flexible templates that load fast and look crisp. We also test on more than 30 email clients, such as Gmail and Outlook to ensure your email gets through We also code responsive, so your email looks good on any platform.

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Marre Architects needed a new website to better showcase their abilities. Redline created a visually impactful and easy to use website to help generate more leads. After the site was launched, Marre signed four new clients – all leads from the website.