Teamsters Local 362

About This Project

Who: Teamsters Local 362

  • Teamsters Local 362 is a branch of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. They have 100 Collective Bargaining Agreements that cover 7,400 Members at 300 locations in the Province of Alberta, and the portion of the N.W.T.

What we were asked to do:

  • Teamsters Local 362 wanted to combat apathy in their union using a digital marketing strategy including a new website, compelling original content and social media

How we did it:

  • Our first step was to create engaging content to speak to their membership, so we worked with Local 362 leadership to create videos, blog posts and images to amass an array of original content.
  • We built 362’s social media platforms and executed an engagement strategy including distributing our original content.
  • We networked our content with websites like Upworthy who have a following of 6 million people on Facebook, as well as Television media who reported on our ‘Make it Mandatory’ campaign

What we produced successfully:

  • The clients engagement numbers rose quickly and dramatically with the launch of a dynamic and user friendly website, unique and original content and social media platforms. Our networking strategies allowed us to deliver Local 362’s message to a defined and targeted audience.
  • The 362 website has been viewed over 89,000 times
  • Videos created for the blog have been watched over 100,000 times
  • Content on the 362 blog has been viewed over 24, 000 times
  • In 30 days local 362 became the second most followed Teamsters organization in north America
  • TO date we have reached over 2 million people thorugh various distribution channels online and engage with an average of 5000 people per week.