Scouts Canada – Camp Impeesa

About This Project

Who: Scouts Canada – Camp Impeesa

  • Camp Impeesa is Scouts Canada’s mountain adventure and wilderness experience centre and residential summer camp. Located within the heart of the Rocky Mountains, surrounded by the Castle Wilderness, Camp Impeesa is next door to incredible hiking and climbing opportunities in addition to the exciting facilities in the camp itself.

What we were asked to do:

  • Design a fresh new website and engage Summer camp turn-out through email marketing and promotional video.

How we did it:

  • Equipped with a Drone, a 4k Camera and a tent we sent our videographer to shadow an on-going camp to capture a genuine experience — Day and Night.
  • Newly updated site and custom email templates

What we produced successfully:

  • Fully booked Summer Camp of 150 registrations less than 3 months after website and video creation
  • Excited to finally share the camp story in using a meaningful medium, the clients were thrilled