SAIT Corporate Training

About This Project


  • SAIT Polytechnic is a post-secondary institution that offers a skill-focused approach to learning. SAIT Corporate Training provides education, training and workplace development solutions worldwide with over 300 training programs.
  • They provide the workforce with lifelong learning through various programs.

What the client was looking for:

  • With mobile web traffic playing a big role in online marketing the client realized that many potential clients were not being reached because their website did not speak well to the corporate audience and was not designed properly for mobile
  • SAIT Corporate Training was looking to separate themselves from SAIT and appeal to Alberta Business
  • The client wanted a fully responsive website that was more engaging for their corporate clientele

Our Process:

  • Drawing from our expertise in designing responsive websites, we approached the project working backwards, using SAIT’s existing Information Architecture to create the best user experience on both mobile phones and tablets.
  • We worked with the client to research websites they liked and the best in class and then were able to create a custom design that fit all of SAIT’s needs.
  • We first drew and designed wire frames for each page type – basically creating blue prints for the new responsive pages and used the same process in designing wire frames for the new homepage
  • We worked closely with our designer to bring in the SAIT brand to the new responsive pages and home page design. After some collaboration with SAIT Training’s marketing team, the final designs were ready for development.

Big Wins:

  • A custom responsive built website that took elements from their previous website and freshened up the look, highlighting their most important programs and complimenting the SAIT Training brand and feel.
  • A completely customer responsive design which included three break points – mobile, tablet, and desktop. The design is user focused and works to optimize ease of use for each device used by their clients.
  • A custom home page design based on best in class websites focused on reaching corporate clientele