Video & Motion

Capturing Your Story

Video has a powerful impact on your audience and gives brands the ability to tell their story in a unique way. Our award winning video creation team comes from a wide variety of industries and backgrounds, understanding what it takes to put together engaging video content. From docu-series to national television commercials, we can execute the right video to tell your story.

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We know that telling your story through video requires an artistic and technical eye. Our video team works together to make sure every aspect of your video from lens choice to lighting to colour-grading, serves your brand’s vision. Whether it is through an aerial drone shot or custom 360 technology, we make sure your video looks incredible.

Integrated campaigns

We specialize in storytelling through all visual mediums including traditional filmmaking, 360 video, virtual reality, interactive installations and holograms. We pride ourselves on working with innovative brands to deliver their message through empowering mediums.

360º Video

360º video is quickly becoming a leading tool in digital marketing, offering a totally immersive experience of storytelling. This type of video allows a wide variety of brands to connect with their audiences in a revolutionary way. At Redline, whether you want to offer a tour of your workplace or take viewers on an emotional journey, our award winning 360/VR work can take you there.

Motion graphics & animation

Using graphics and animation in your video allows you to get your information to your audiences quickly and in a visually pleasing way. This type of video can allow complex data to be presented in a way that is easy to understand. Whatever your brand’s message is, it will be recognizable and sharable with our graphics