Experience Design

Experiences are forever

Meaningful experiences become memories. Life experiences (like that crazy weekend in Gatineau) become stories you tell over and over again. Brand experiences have the same potential to enhance people’s lives, and to generate lasting affinity for your cause or company. From websites to virtual reality, Redline designs experiences people remember, talk about and share. Experiences that start conversations, delight customers and move people to act. Let`s create something memorable together.

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User experience design

Your customers’ needs are at the centre of your business universe. They must be at the centre of your website too. Redline design websites around user needs because satisfying them is the fastest way to achieve your business goals.

Visual design

Beautiful graphic design flows naturally from great user experience design. We like to keep things simple, so people don’t stop to admire the pretty view for too long. We want users to do something, like buying, signing up or donating.


Your website technology platform is the foundation of your online success. We’ll help you find the content management system that fits your project perfectly, rather than shoehorn it into a platform that’s too limiting or fancy for your needs.

Content & copy

There’s a powerful story behind every organization and a hero in every brand. Redline helps you tell your story on every digital channel, from informative website content to blog posts, inspiring ad copy to captivating web videos.