Social Media Marketing

Lead followers. Follow leaders.

Redline is a social media agency helping brands attract and grow loyal followings. Social media strategy is all about figuring out how to make your brand become the hub of a social community whose interests overlap with your organization’s. The good news is there are people on social media talking about the things you wish people would talk about right now. Redline will help you slip into the conversation as smooth as Clooney at a cocktail reception. To do that, we’ll engage with your existing and prospective customers, align with your industry’s most influential voices and help you produce content that gets noticed and shared.

Where we specialize

Social Campaigns

Social media campaigns are about understanding social trends and distributing truly great content. Redline’s creative team produces eye grabbing animations, GIFs, illustrations, Snaps, video, words and whatever else you need. Redline’s social media strategy team also figures out how to pinpoint your target market.

Social Content Strategy

Redline’s social media specialists will create a comprehensive social media strategy, covering all of the social media channels that make sense for your business. The end result of the strategic process is a social media content calendar that details who posts, what content and how often.

Channel Optimization

Analyze. Track. Repeat. Social media optimization is an ongoing process. Redline tracks engagement on all your social channels around the clock. Then we shift your investment to the channels that are getting the most likes and loves, while targeting more of the users who are converting.

Social Monitoring

Social media conversations don’t keep regular business hours. That’s why Redline’s social media managers use tools to monitor targeted social feeds, forums and blogs 24/7. We track follower engagements, plus influencers, hashtags, trending topics and other opportunities for your company to jump in. We also watch out for negative sentiment.

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