Search Engine Marketing

First page or bust

Worldwide, there are over 3.5 billion Google searches made every day. Chances are really good you’ve got a solution for some of those people. Redline’s search engine marketing (SEM) strategies use a combination of unpaid and paid tactics to capture that sliver of searches that are relevant to your business. Unpaid tactics, like keyword research, help to improve your search engine results page ranking for the actual terms people are typing into Google. Paid tactics like Google AdWords get your company on the first page for a price. Redline ensures you place high in the paid results, without paying more than you have to. We also help you drive more traffic to your website without wasting pay-per-clicks.

Where we specialize

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the first step in search engine optimization. Redline’s SEM specialists use keyword research to find actual search terms that your potential customers and supporters enter into search engines. Then we weave those terms through your website content and Google AdWords to achieve better search engine rankings and more clicks.

Google Partner

Redline’s search engine marketing specialists help you create and optimize ads that appear in Google search results. We earned our Google Partner badge by passing the Google AdWords product certification exams. This certification means we’re up to date with the latest Google search engine and AdWords optimization techniques.

Search Engine Optimization Tools

Redline’s website optimization specialists use third-party tools to analyze existing websites and identify the most valuable keywords. We also use tools to see how your website is doing from an SEO standpoint relative to your competitors. Using SEO tools before your search engine optimization program allows us to set a baseline to track results.

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