Email Marketing

Send and deliver

Email marketing is a cost-effective way to advertise. These days “subscribe” is the most important click you can get. It’s important because subscribers are already sold on whatever you’re doing, and you can reach out to them again and again. Email marketing starts with an email list. If you have an email list, Redline’s inbound strategists will come up with a plan to leverage it. If you don’t have an email list, Redline can help you collect sign-ups through your website, landing pages and even online advertising campaigns. Worried about spam filters and privacy laws? We can help with that too. The trick to succeeding with email marketing is providing valuable content.

Where we specialize

Email Design

Emails require a strong visual hierarchy or they just get deleted. Redline designers will lay out your emails, so people can quickly skim them and still absorb the content. It’s also important to convey your message in a punchy headline and sub-headline because a lot of people won’t read email body copy.

Email Content Strategy

Your Redline email campaign begins with a content strategy describing how to fill inboxes with your brand. We’ll work with you to build your mailing list, promote your cause or business, or just advertise your next door-crasher. Email design, list segmentation, distribution frequency, key performance indicators and more are all planned carefully. 

Creative Disruption Campaigns

Your emails and e-newsletters to subscribers should maintain a consistent brand look and feel. Every now and then, though, you want to advertise something special, like a sale, event, date or pig roast. When you want to break your template, you’re doing a creative disruption campaign. Because it looks different, people take notice.   

Email Platforms

Redline will help you choose the right email platform for your business, and integrate your new website with the platforms you use already. Email platforms automate a lot of the busy-work associated with email campaigns. Integrating your on-line store and website sign-up forms with email platforms, like MailChimp and HubSpot, also gives you access to a whole new level of analytics.

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