Analytics & Reporting

Numbers tell a story

Redline’s website analysis is part art critique and part science experiment. It’s easy to watch your website analytics numbers go up and down every month, and not do anything with them. Redline’s website analysis looks for the story behind the numbers. When evaluating website analytics, Redline scrutinizes the art direction and design of your website to find opportunities to simplify the user experience. Then we take off the art-critic cardigans and put on lab coats to examine the numbers. We’ll write a monthly report outlining a hypothesis about what the numbers mean for your business and why users are doing what they’re doing. Then we conduct experiments to test and validate our theory, and repeat to drive continuous improvement.

Where we specialize

Google Analytics Certified Partner

Redline helps you get more value out of your Google Analytics data. They beauty of being able to track all sorts of user traffic and engagement data is wasted if you don’t know what to do with the numbers. We provide data-driven insights into user behaviour and the numbers that matter most to your business.

Analytics Implementation

Setting up your website’s tracking code properly is critical for collecting useful information. Tracking code tells you things like entry and exit pages, most effective marketing channels, user flows and user demographics. These are the things you need to know to fine tune your website and digital strategy.

Analysis & Insight

Redline’s analysts seeks to uncover insights into why users do what they do. Our web analysts wade waste deep into your analytics data to find answers to important website performance questions: Why is landing page-A performing three time better than landing page-B? Why is the bounce rate from social media so high? and innumerable other questions.

Test. Validate. Repeat.

Sometimes Redline has to run experiments to figure out what works. Your website analysis and optimization is never complete. It’s an ongoing process of trial, monitoring and evaluation by Redline’s web analysts. Small things can make a huge difference to your website conversions, page views and so many other important metrics.

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