Analytics & Optimization

Reading between trend lines

Your website and content must evolve to stay relevant to your audience. Website analytics and optimization help guide that evolution. Redline uses Google analytics and social media platforms to track all sorts of user and engagement data. We’re looking for stories within the numbers of people who are happy, confused and engaged with your brand. If we can figure out the characteristics of the people who are converting, we can develop a strategy targeting that micro-segment. If we see where people are dropping out of the flow, we can fix it. Analytics and optimization is a process of continuous refinement, monitoring and testing. Let us tell you the story in your website’s analytics.

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Online Reputation Management

We use tools to monitor millions of websites and many brands around the clock. We’re interested in learning what your communities are saying about you – good and bad. We’ll use the intel to create content your audience will love and stop trolls in their tracks.

Analytics & Reporting

Google analytics and social media platforms track every visit, click, heart, sign-up and so much more. Redline’s web analytics team will keep you informed about your website and online advertising campaign performance, and provide numbers-driven recommendations to improve it.

Search Engine Optimization

Everyone wants to be on the first page. Everyone wants more organic traffic. Few know how to achieve both. Redline’s search engine optimization experts will use free and paid tactics, along with content and code, to earn your website’s spot near the top of the search engine results page.

Conversion Optimization

New headline. New design. New call to action. Anyone of these things and many others could make a huge difference to your conversion rate, but you won’t know until you try it. Conversion optimization is an ongoing process of website experimentation, monitoring and refining.