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Redline’s services begin with a compelling story about your cause or company. One cohesive narrative founded on whatever it is the people in your organization get out of bed and fight for. But what’s a great story without an audience? You talking to yourself on a park bench. Redline plugs creative and content into a digital strategy amplifier, so your audience hears your message wherever they are — loud and clear. Of course, no digital marketing campaign or website is possible without the right technology platform. Redline doesn`t play favourites with digital advertising networks, content management systems, or calling shotgun on the way out of town for video shoots. The end result is work that reaches the right audience at the right times to drive traffic, leads and sales.

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Our Services

Full service agency

Experience Design

Experiences change perceptions. Experiences move people to act. Experiences leave a lasting impression. From websites to virtual reality, Redline designs experiences people remember, talk about and want to share. We push brand experiences beyond the transactional to connect with audiences on an emotional level.

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Video & Motion

Nothing beats video for engagement or impact. Redline’s award-winning cinematographers and filmmakers are gifted storytellers. Every business and cause has a story that will resonate with people. We’ll find the aspect of your brand or cause you’re most passionate about, and capture it on film.

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the best way to market causes and businesses in our connected world. Redline combines craft, content and code to develop digital marketing strategies and campaigns that move people to act. Digital marketing is an ongoing process of testing, analyzing and refining to drive ongoing improvement in sales and sign-ups.

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Analytics & Optimization

Analytics and optimization is an evolutionary process of continuous refinement, monitoring and testing. Redline’s analytics and optimization team is Google Analytics and HubSpot Inbound certified. We use a variety of tools to track user engagement across all your digital platforms to figure out who is buying, clicking and converting.

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