Inbound Marketing – Do it!

Inbound Marketing brings your customers to your business in a unobtrusive and more natural way. Rather than bombarding potential clients with ads and aggressive marketing, Inbound uses a content centred approach to draw them in. Inbound earns customer attention by focusing on creating interesting, informative, and useful content throughout the buyer journey. When operatig to full capacity, Inbound Marketing combines all of your online marketing efforts into a unified working machine that effortless captures and nurtures leads.


The key components to Inbound Marketing include:

  1. Attracting visitors using interesting content and increased visibility across many channels
  2. Converting new visitors to leads
  3. Nurturing leads with thoughtful content
  4. Closing leads with the help of your business development team
  5. Analyzing results to improve ROI and refine strategy


Let our award winning creative team will help you attract the right audience with high-quality content that speaks directly to your customers. We are Inbound Certified and focused on strategic wins. Watch below to see how Inbound Marketing grew our clients business.



Get Our Certified Inbound Marketing Team Working For You

How Our Inbound Marketing Process Works

Inbound Marketing Strategy

The first step is meeting with our team so we can learn about your business, goals, and current challenges. We review your exisiting website and marketing acitivities – including user experience, user flow, and review of your current customer management systems. Our goal in this step is to identify opportunities and prioritize needs. Based on our research and initial meetings, we create a inbound marketing plan to target your audience using SEO, PPC, content marketing, and social media.

Attract New Visitors

Using all available online channels, we will attract new prospects to your website and sales team. Following our strategy, we develop content tailored to your target audience for each step in their customer journey using all mediums. Our team produces high-quality videos, blogs, infographics, whitepapers, and more to attract and nurture your customers. This is where we engage with your customers in a meaningful way.

Converting To Leads

Engaging content builds trust, but you will need optimized landing pages and calls-to-action to convert leads. Well designed pages, buttons, forms, and more will increase conversion rates to maximize lead generation from new site traffic. Our team works to design compelling pages and believes strongly in A/B testing to analyze data and truly find the best design for your audience.

Nuture Leads Into Customers

New prospects won’t always want to be your customer right away. They are still looking at your competitors and weighing their options. During this pre-decision phase, it’s important to stay top of mind with lead nuturing campaigns. Continue to provide value through newsletters, blogs, and custom tailored information. Our team also uses strategic re-marketing ads to stay top of mind as they research other options.

Analytics & Strategy Refinement

The key to any campaign we implement at Redline is analyzing data. We provide easy to read monthly reports to show progress and refine our strategy month over month. Any insights are shared with your team to help improve your own marketing decision process.

Get Our Certified Inbound Marketing Team Working For You