22 May When In Doubt, Don’t Google It, YouTube It: Why Your Digital Agency Should Offer Video

If you have ever debated whether or not to include video content in your website redesign, consider this – video search on YouTube is one of the most popular forms of search engines, competing with Bing, Yahoo and Google.

Video is one of the fastest rising forms of content marketing and if you are using a digital marketing agency that doesn’t offer it, you may find you are lagging behind.

What does this information mean when you are considering a website redesign for your organization? For starters, being aware of the importance and the popularity of video is the first step in deciding whether the intended audience would benefit from video.

This includes all types of video—educational, DIY-style point-and-shoot, traditional—all legitimate ways of engaging with your audience and connecting them to the brand.

Video is especially useful if you want to educate your web audience on the company’s process, a piece of equipment or the philosophy of the brand.

Let’s say for example that you are designing a website for your company that designs lawn care products and you would like to help visitors figure out how to prepare their lawns for summer. This could be done in a variety of ways, including using a blog post.

A blog post is informative, and if written with SEO optimization in mind, can be easily found and lead to more interest in your product or service.

But what if you could support that blog post with an SEO-optimized video on your YouTube channel or embedded in the blog post? You would attract more attention for your content while providing valuable information that your audience would appreciate. It’s a win-win.

And there are several ways of optimizing your video, as you would the copy in your blog posts. Using descriptions, tags and relevant categories extend your reach and engage your audience with valuable content.